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"Video Culture" has been a classic video show with a multicultural appeal spanning all ethnic backgrounds.

Our high level of programming and instituting a community calendar of events called "What's Around Town"

featuring on location events,short films,comedians and a behind the scenes look at the entertainment industry.

RJP is currently producing

" The Mirth,Da Mic,Da Mix "

Our Services :

Music Videos


Photo Shoots

Non Linear Editing Graphic

We are not only focused on entertainment but we are dedicated to facilitating a Mindset in our viewers opening their psyches to a new age, a Video Culture Age. The Show embraces various classes of music videos as a regular method to edify people interested in,and,unaware of alternative forms of music. Video Culture provides a modicum of presentations that is multi-ethnic which aids in helping the masses to better understand each others eclecctic taste in music.

Since the inception of Ron John Productions a.k.a One Nation; we have integrated beyond a talking head syndrome. We as a company would like to take our brand to the next level by providing our target market with informative,qualitative,and cognative issues to satisfy each individuals need of information.

VideoCulture: A Cool Meditational Vibe Expanding Your Consciousness.

Listen To The HeartBeat Of Culture

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