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Ron Johnson ,of Ron John Productions a.k.a One Nation, is the creator and producer of Video Culture and Jah Gospel Videos. RJ has been involved in production for over 20 yrs. His work and intern expierience has encouraged him to start his own production business. His passion is reaching the young people of today and making an impact on their lives through music and video production.

This enabled him to launch two New York based programs that reached over 2 million houeholds.

These shows offered the viewer an aesthetically entertaining, cultural & socially enlightning change from existing programs. They captured the far reaching sizzle of What's Going On musically and multi-culturally. Whereas,other shows broadcast the ordinary and mundane that satisfies the sedate popular viewer,Video Culture and Jah Gospel Video went beyond that in a far more encompassing spectrum.

The production of these shows could not have been possible without the assistance of Rob Selby aka Cosmic Bob,Terry Lyod,Joe Dixon & Kelly Jeffers, Roger Williams,Erika Ewing, Aida " Double A" Angotti, Chris Brown and a host of others.

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